ABOUT Breaking Them Up

One of the big assumptions we make as kids growing up is that our adolescence is uniquely horrible. And you know what, that’s probably true! Even though I never met my twin at summer camp (how I wish) or pushed my dad’s Ferrari through a glass showroom (our family had a ‘79 Subaru GL), it’s easy to look back on my own struggles and recognize the universality of growing pains, no matter what form they take.

"Breaking Them Up explores the universal experience of understanding when to hold on and when to let go."
- Scott Dow, Director

Breaking Them Up is a swift moving story that’s both unique and relatable. It’s a bittersweet journey for Damien, while offering interesting parallels of growth for parents Phil and Laurie too as they navigate adulthood. At what point does, ‘we got in a fight again,’ become, ‘we’re not right for each other.’? Knowing when to hold on and when to let go, that’s one of the toughest questions I hoped to explore with the actors.

The summation of all the parts in this film will hopefully paint an empathetic portrait of a modern family struggling to define themselves. By the end, I hope to leave the audience with the feeling that Damien, Phil and Laurie are all able to accept themselves for who they are and their family for what it is, a difficult and necessary accomplishment of maturity.

- Scott Dow, Breaking Them Up Director

About Breaking Them Up

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